Top 7 Reasons to Consider a Costco Inflatable Paddle Board


Costco inflatable paddle board is very popular among other paddle boards because of their performance. If we compare paddleboard inflatable vs. solid, you will notice that inflatable paddleboards are much lighter and more rigid. If you want to know more about inflatable vs. solid paddleboards and why an inflatable might be the best option for you, you have come to the right place.

Understanding what sets an inflatable sup paddleboard apart will help you determine if it is the right fit for you or not. This post takes a close look at the top 7 reasons to consider buying an inflatable for your next sup board rather than a solid board. When in the market for a stand-up model, you must consider your options before making any decision.  Although you might find rigid sup boards to be fun, they are not the best choice for most paddlers.

Inflatable vs Solid Paddle Board

Before we cover the reasons behind why an Costco inflatable paddle board is an ultimate option, we look at the difference and comparison between the both inflatable and solid. Only when you have a strong understanding of an inflatable vs. solid paddleboard will you want to know more about what sets an inflatable apart. Otherwise, you would not be confident about the decision you take. You might simply feel unsure about inflatable vs. hard sup.

Your lifestyle and needs will influence which option to get. Keep in mind that solid paddleboards are also referred to as rigid, fiberglass, non-inflatable, traditional, and epoxy paddleboards. Let’s take a look at the main factors that you should keep in mind.


The first thing that is covered under stand-up paddleboard inflatable vs. rigid is portability. The reason why most people go with an inflatable option when considering an inflatable paddle board vs. hard is that inflatable paddleboards are easier to transport. You do not require a huge truck, van, or SUV. On the other hand, the stand up paddle board Costco would be rolled up to the size of a sleeping bag and easily transported to the desired location.

An inflatable sup board can even be taken with you on a flight. It can be used on your vacation. You will just need to toss it into your travel bag and forget about having to pay hefty airline surfboard fees. A hard paddle board requires a car rack or a large car for transportation. Since hard paddleboards weigh a lot more, you will find them to be harder to carry with you. Thus, you would struggle with a hard paddleboard. However, you must be prepared to inflate and deflate the inflatable every time you want to go paddleboarding.

Storage Space

When it comes to inflatable sup vs. rigid, storage space cannot be ignored. You must think about how much storage space your house has to offer before you make a purchase. If your home does not have a garage or you live in an apartment, you would be unable to get hard sup. As for the inflatable, you can store it just about everywhere.

Before you can even purchase a hard paddleboard, you have to think about where you would store it. Even if you can place it in the garage, there would still be a need for sufficient space for clearance.


When it comes to paddleboard inflatable vs. solid, durability is crucial. It is where inflatable paddleboards truly shine. They tend to be a lot more durable than hard paddleboards. Even if you end up dropping the inflatable by accident, you would not need to worry about any scratches or dings. This is not the case with a rigid paddleboard. Instead, it would have to be immediately repaired. An inflatable board is a carefree board you need for great convenience.


When we talk about inflatable vs. hard sup, it is impossible to overlook performance. Hard paddleboards offer outstanding performance in comparison to inflatable paddleboards. The fact is that non-inflatable paddle boards tend to be more agile and offer better glide. This makes it easier for you to catch waves while surfing. If you want to use the paddleboard for long-distance expeditions, sup racing, or sup surfing, a hard paddleboard wins hands down. Speed tests show that hard paddleboards are slightly faster than inflatable paddleboards.


Finally, when looking at paddleboard inflatable vs. solid, paddleboard cost should also be considered. A simple comparison of inflatable vs. hard sup shows that hard paddleboards are more expensive. If you are looking for a more affordable option, you will find an inflatable paddleboard is the best option for you. It does not cost as much money and can easily be purchased without having to spend a lot of money. It is the ideal option for those of you that are looking for an option that is has a lower paddleboard cost.

Why Should You Consider an Inflatable Paddleboard?

Now that you have gone over stand-up paddleboard inflatable vs. rigid, inflatable paddleboard vs. hard or inflatable sup vs. rigid and are still reading. The chances are that you are impressed by what an inflatable has to offer. The following reasons will only further cement your desire to purchase an inflatable paddleboard. 

1. Costco Board is Incredibly Convenient

One of the best things about an inflatable is that it is incredibly convenient. You simply cannot go wrong with it. Inflatable sup vs. rigid paddleboard shows that they make for a convenient option. As fall comes and days get shorter, convenience is something that you cannot compromise on. Since inflatable paddleboards are extremely lightweight, you can enjoy the ultimate fall adventures without any trouble. Head to a remote lake or glide down rivers as it is easy to take with you wherever you go. Besides being lightweight, you can easily roll up the inflatable paddleboards and store them in your backpack. You can finally have those adventures that you have always wanted.

2. Portability of Inflatable Paddle Board

Speaking of convenience, stand-up paddleboard inflatable vs. rigid paddleboards shows that inflatable paddleboards offer greater portability. You can transport them as you please. It is possible to take them on public transport, smaller vehicles, and even planes. You simply cannot beat their portability. Thus, you get to benefit from limitless exploration no matter the time of the year.

3. Costco Paddle Boards Offer Fun for the Entire Family

When you look at an inflatable paddle board vs. hard, you will notice that an inflatable paddleboard is a family paddle board. It is lightweight, even your kids can manage to ride it; however, it is suggested to train them from a surfing school if they are too young, so they know the balancing through the waves. Costco Inflatable paddle board provides greater stability. When you inflate the inflatable to the right PSI, you get more volume. This makes it a better option for different water states such as white water rapids, silky smooth lakes, and choppy oceans.

The stability that comes with an inflatable makes it the most versatile option. It is meant for paddlers of all abilities and levels. You should be able to use the inflatable paddleboard for sup polo, white water paddling, racing, sup yoga, and even fishing. 

4. Inflatable Paddle Boards Keep You Healthy

Unlike a hard paddleboard that you would only be able to take with you at specific times of the year, you get to truly incorporate the inflatable paddleboard into your life. This means that it truly allows you to get fit. It can be tough to find the motivation to exercise, especially as the weather gets colder. This is where an inflatable truly shines. As it is portable, easy to set up, and convenient, you can take it with you wherever you go for a complete workout without even feeling like you are working out.

Not only is it fun, but it provides you with the perfect strength and cardio training. Even paddling down a calm river can help you burn up to 430 calories an hour. The combination of exercise and fresh air will help boost your immune system and reduce stress. You will get addicted to the adrenaline that comes with using an inflatable paddleboard. Improve your immune system and fight off the cold with this amazing piece of equipment. Besides, indoor gyms are packed with bacteria and viruses. On the other hand, an inflatable paddleboard allows you to work out while maintaining social distance. It does not get better than this.

5. Costco Inflatable Board is Weather-Friendly

In addition to the above, an inflatable paddleboard is all-weather friendly. Unlike what you might be misled into believing, stand-up paddleboarding is not just a summertime activity. It is meant for year-round activity. You can get on the water even when the temperature drops, as it is possible to do so with a paddleboard as you just need an extra layer or a wetsuit. You will simply need to ensure that you have vents or the layers are removable as you get moving. However, fall weather can be unpredictable. 

6. Durability of Inflatable Paddle Board in Any Adventure

A great thing about inflatable sup boards is that they are durable for just about every type of adventure. No matter which type of adventure you are interested in embarking on, you will find it to be the perfect option for you. The paddleboard is ready for just about anything.

Are inflatable sups any good? Are inflatable stand-up paddleboards good? Inflatable paddleboards are the most versatile option. You will find them to be a lot more durable than solid paddleboards. The board would remain intact even if you drop it or knock it. Besides, the paddleboard cost of inflatables is less than hard boards. You will find the latter to be more expensive to purchase and repair. 

7. Affordability of Inflatable Boards

Speaking of paddleboard cost, inflatable paddleboards are the most affordable option. Unlike hard paddleboards that cost a lot of money, you should have no trouble affording them. Inflatable paddleboards cost less and still offer amazing performance. Instead of thinking about are inflatable sups any good or are inflatable stand-up paddleboards good, you should be thinking about the fact that their repairs will cost you less money.

Solid vs Inflatable Paddle Board – Conclusion

Inflatable paddleboards allow you to live a life without limits. They truly are the best thing to happen to us after smartphones. Anyone should be able to purchase inflatable stand-up paddleboards. Make sure to get one from a reputable brand. Once you have an inflatable paddleboard, you will forget about all your worries. Hence, it makes sense to check out the latest model.

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