The Save a Paddle Package: 5 Issues Each Paddler Ought to Hold Helpful

Save a Paddle Package


Past the apparent – leash, life jacket, water, communication, first support – right here’s a cheat sheet to your Save A Paddle Package…5 issues that may get you within the water, as an alternative of heading for dwelling when your gear fails. Offered you have got them readily available whenever you want them.

  1. Pukka Patches, stickers or Heavy Responsibility Gorilla clear tape: These turn out to be useful when your board will get dinged. Pukka patches and different manufacturers may even be utilized in water, in a pinch.

2. Additional fin screws and washers: This stuff can go lacking in a coronary heart beat and for those who can’t screw your fin in, effectively, you’re not paddling. Remember to be certain that they suit your board and fin. And have the proper of screwdriver useful for those who don’t use the type which have thumb screws.  In case your board’s fin makes use of FCS screws, have extras of these and a fin key on the prepared.

3. Zip ties: These can do many issues in a pinch, from leash string to emergency tie-down.

4. Solar Cured Epoxy and sandpaper: Learn to use this for board repairs when a sticker gained’t be sufficient.

5. Additional Fin strings: These can dry rot simply so you should definitely have an additional useful so you’ll be able to at all times connect your leash.

Place all this stuff in a small dry bag and carry them with you on the board or maintain useful within the automobile.

Think about preserving extras of this stuff within the automobile simply in case a paddle buddy wants and help:

  1. Additional leash
  2. Additional paddle
  3. Additional fin
  4. Additional life jacket


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