The Best Costco Paddle Board – Inflatable Paddle Board vs Solid

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The experience of surfing through the waves with Costco Paddle board has been amazing for us – as well as for our readers who have been following us from years. It seems like everyone wants to get their hands on inflatable surfboards or pool paddleboards these days. Instagram posts, YouTube videos, TikTok promos, and Netflix series highlight the many benefits of owning inflatable surfboards. If you are interested in getting an inflatable paddleboard, you deserve the best. This is why we have prepared the perfect post that will help point you in the right direction. Whether you are wondering are all paddle boards are inflatable or want to know about inflatable paddle board vs solid, you must read on.

Inflatable surfboards are the ideal equipment for an awesome summer. They allow you to escape in the water and forget about all your worries. Only when you take your inflatable race sup and surf paddles for a ride will you come to realize just how much fun it can be. Besides, the materials used in inflatable surfboards and paddleboard paddles have improved considerably. The construction of surf paddles has also been perfected to ensure that paddleboarders have the time of their life on the water. Let’s take a look at how to choose the best inflatable paddleboard.

Distinguish Between the Different Costco Paddle Boards (Inflatable vs Hard)

When it comes to inflatable paddle boards, you have different types to choose from. It is crucial that you pick the right paddle boarding style. Understanding the types of Costco paddle board that are available will ensure that you make an informed decision. Rather than just focusing on the looks, you must bear in mind that there is design work that comes into play. It can make or break your paddleboarding experience. The following are some of the most common types.

  • All-Around SUPs: One of the most popular types of inflatable paddle boards is the all-around sup. It is the ultimate choice for beginner paddlers because it is well-suited for every paddling activity and brings great versatility to the table. It enables you to hit the waves for surfing, go fishing, or even bring your furry buddy along.
  • Touring SUPs: If you are looking for a paddleboard that offers speed and covers longer distances, touring paddleboards are the way to go. They are narrower and longer than the all-around paddleboard. This means that you get to benefit from paddling efficiency and extra glide. Their pointy nose makes them instantly noticeable. It helps cut through the water. Although it can hold a ton of gear for a longer expedition, its narrow shape limits movement.
  • Multi-Purpose SUPs: Anyone looking for extra deck space cannot go wrong with a multi-purpose paddleboard. It is extremely wide, unlike a touring board. You can use it for carrying extra gear and passengers or going fishing. It has a similar shape as the all-around SUP and a rounded nose. Since it is extra-wide and much longer, it offers great stability and can be fun to ride for the entire family. Keep in mind that a wider board is also less maneuverable.
  • Yoga SUPs: Finally, yoga paddle boards have also become quite common. As named, they are meant for yoga and other fitness activities. You will find it to be much wider and more stable than most paddleboards. However, it is not as large as the multi-purpose paddleboard. Despite yoga being more challenging on the open water, the paddleboard makes it possible to practice at all levels.

inflatable paddle board vs solid | Sub Boards

Select the Right Size

Once you know which one better suits your needs, you have to select the right size for the inflatable race sup after you have decided which type to go with – several factors influence which size you should select. Beginners tend to focus on stability and opt for a wide, stable board. But, they still have to improve their balance and the basics of paddling. However, you cannot learn until you fail. Do not forget about maneuverability. If you get an oversized board, it could affect your ability to turn and speed.

There are tradeoffs that come with every size and shape. Hence, you have to know what you truly want. There is no such thing as one perfect board size. Instead, it all comes down to the type of paddling experience you want to achieve. You will find a touring board to be the best option for long-distance paddling in comparison to a yoga paddleboard which is designed for yoga. The bigger the size of the paddleboard, the better its stability, but you would have to compromise on maneuverability and speed. On the other hand, if you go for a smaller and narrower option, it would be easier to turn but less stable. Therefore, you should choose the one that suits your specific paddling requirements.

Consider Paddleboard Storage Space

Before you get inflatable race SUP, you also have to think about storage space. The last thing you want is to struggle with transporting the paddleboard. Inflatable sup takes up a lot of space. You will need to have plenty of storage space. It is vital that you place it somewhere you think is safe from the elements. The best thing about inflatable paddleboards is that they are extremely durable. In fact, you will find your sup to look better the longer it lasts.

Inflatable Paddle Board vs Solid

Are all paddle boards inflatable? There are two different paddleboards versions: an inflatable paddle board vs solid one. An inflatable SUP features PVC exteriors and a drop-stitch construction for offering an air core. It comes with a storage bag to keep the board when it is not in use and a pump for pumping the board to life. A high-quality inflatable paddleboard can be inflated to 12 to 15 pounds per square inch. Here is why it might be the perfect option for you.

  • You want to paddle white-water: Similar to an inflatable kayak or raft, an inflatable paddleboard can handle bumps against logs and rocks that come in the way.
  • You plan on hiking to a lake: Anyone interested in heading over to an alpine lake can take the inflatable paddleboard along with them. You will struggle with a solid board which is why an inflatable paddleboard is a perfect option. Even though it would be heavy, you should be able to take it with you in your storage bag.
  • You enjoy SUP yoga: If you are a fan of SUP yoga, the recommended choice of most paddlers is seem to be Costco paddle board of inflatable type. It is much softer than a solid stand up paddle board Costco which means that you get to do yoga poses easily.
  • You plan on travelling: Whether you want to hop on a plane or take a road trip, an inflatable SUP is easy to take with you wherever you go. You can pack it in its storage bag and use it once you reach the destination.
  • You do not have much storage space: If you have limited storage space, such as in the case of a small apartment or home, you will find an inflatable SUP to be the right option. It is compact when deflated and can be stowed away in small spaces like the trunk of your car or closet.

Costco Paddle Board SUP | Sub Boards

A solid board has an EPS foam core that is wrapped with epoxy and fiberglass. It tends to be lightweight, affordable, and durable. You can also go with carbon fiber as it is much lighter. However, it can be a more expensive option. There are also plastic SUPs that are more affordable. But, they are more difficult to carry and do not provide the best performance. Inflatable vs. hard paddleboards requires greater knowledge of the differences between the two options. Here is why you might want to get a solid SUP.

  • Amazing Performance: A great thing about a solid board is that it offers amazing performance on the water. It requires less effort than an inflatable paddleboard and travels much faster. If you want to paddle fast and reach a further destination, a solid SUP is the way to go.
  • Perfect Fit: A solid board comes in a larger variety of shapes and sizes. You can easily get it finely tuned for your requirements in comparison to an inflated SUP, which does not offer as many options.
  • Provides Stability: If you cannot compromise on stability, a solid paddleboard might be the best option. It is a great option for riding waves. You can use it to ride lower in the water as it offers a more stable feel.
  • Have a Storage Space: Unlike an inflatable paddleboard that you can easily store in the car or your cupboard, a solid board takes up a lot of space. Unless you have ample room in the garage, you cannot get it.

Paddle board Accessories (Inflatable vs Solid)

Finally, you also have to think about paddleboard accessories. You need more than just paddleboard paddles/ pool paddleboards/ surf paddles. Here are some of the must-have paddleboard accessories that should be included in your shopping experience.

  • Restube: Designed for safety, the Restube is an alternative to a life jacket. If you do not enjoy wearing a life jacket and are a good swimmer, you will find it to be just what you need. It is an inflatable backup that keeps you on the safe side in case something goes wrong on the water. You just have to pull it hard on the trigger to get it to inflate.
  • Costco Paddle Board Carrier: Next, you also have to think about getting a paddleboard carrier. Carrying the board to the water can be tough. It is due to this reason that many people get a SUP carrier to easily take the board to the water.
  • Dry Bag: Keep your paddleboard dry with a dry bag. It will also help keep your valuable possessions safe while you go paddleboarding. Store your paddleboard paddles/ pool paddleboards/ surf paddles in the dry bag.
  • Paddle Board Set: For the ultimate comfort while paddleboarding, you need a paddleboard set. It is a kayak seat that you can mount onto the paddleboard to truly relax and forget about all your worries.

Stand Up Paddle Boards Costco – The Conclusion

Knowing how to buy a Costco paddle board gets a lot easier with informative blogs. We have shared all the information you need to make the right decision. There is no denying that figuring out the best paddleboard is not easy. However, you have nothing to worry about after reading our insights. When you follow our advice, you will have no trouble finding the best paddleboard. Besides, you would know about Inflatable Paddle Board vs Solid and be able to decide whether to get a Costco paddle board inflatable or a hard one.

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