Measuring your Cardio Capabilities with VO2Max Testing

In case you have been someplace within the health world, you’ve gotten more than likely heard of a VO2Max check. However what’s it precisely, how is it examined and what can it do for me and my paddling?

Demystifying VO2 Max

VO2Max, in a nutshell, is the max quantity of oxygen your physique is ready to make the most of per minute throughout max efficiency. It’s a measure of your cardio capability and it’s an excellent baseline measurement when making an attempt to enhance upon your cardio health.

The extra environment friendly your physique is at getting oxygen to your working muscle, the extra environment friendly your physique can be at utilizing that oxygen to carry out and in flip, the higher your cardio efficiency. 

VO2 Max and your Paddling

One option to paddle sooner and additional at your increased speeds, and have it really feel simpler than prior instances paddling, is to extend your VO2Max. Whenever you paddle typically and constantly, your physique will enhance its cardio train, and with this comes bettering your VO2Max. 

Once we are exercising at a tougher depth than only a informal stroll, extra oxygen is being delivered all through your physique to your working muscle tissue (through crimson blood cells).  Due to this fact, the extra oxygen we will truly eat and use, the simpler the train will really feel to our our bodies (muscle tissue, organs).

Variations within the Numbers

Your VO2Max quantity can range on a number of various things. For instance, males usually have increased VO2max scores than ladies and there are some genetic variations as nicely. So whereas VO2Max is a superb measure of a distance/cardio capacity, it actually is only one of a number of elements.  One other issue is your paddling effectivity. So, in case you had two paddlers with an identical VO2mx scores, the one with the larger paddling effectivity/financial system, can be sooner. It is because they’re able to use their our bodies capacity to hold oxygen all through the physique higher. As your paddle pace will increase, you’ll ultimately hit your VO2Max (which is when on exams you will note it plateau), after which previous that pace, your physique won’t be able to uptake oxygen any additional, and must change over to the anaerobic metabolism.  Thus, somebody would possibly hit their VO2Max at a slower pace than one other individual, though their physique is working simply as laborious. So in the end, with correct coaching, you’ll be able to improve your pace previous to hitting your VO2Max.

Learn how to Measure VO2 Max Precisely

Some of the correct methods to measure OV2Max is in a lab setting and both on a treadmill, or not too long ago testing out some protocol with our transportable VO2Max reader for future on water testing.  The concept behind these exams is to go all out, and actually get the center fee as much as measure how a lot oxygen your physique is utilizing if you end up pushing your self to your limits.   Through the check, the gear is in a position to take a look at how a lot carbon dioxide is being expelled out of your physique and the way a lot oxygen is definitely being utilized by the physique. It then is put right into a calculation to find out your VO2Max. 

What about my Garmin?

Some watches even present VO2Max, taking HR under consideration, and provide you with a VO2Max quantity, nevertheless it is very important notice that this isn’t essentially the most confirmed correct or dependable methodology. Nonetheless, its good to have a base quantity to work off of.

With the ability to enhance your paddling VO2Max, being constant and quantity are key.  Interval coaching has been proven to assist improve VO2Max scores (with the right heat up and funky down).  For instance, a exercise that helps VO2Max may very well be one thing like 4×2 minute intervals, and frequently constructing it that coaching piece till about as much as 10×2 min intervals. 

When performing these classes, you wish to goal inside just a few BPM near your HR max and at your 1 mile race tempo.  Restoration time ought to be across the identical size because the size of the rep. 

VO2Max is a superb baseline measure to your coaching classes. Having your cardio system examined after which later within the season, checking to see how you’ve gotten improved by performing one other check, will present in case your coaching has been including to your cardiorespiratory efficiency. 

At the moment, Coach Victoria and the Worldwide Society of Sports activities Vitamin are testing out on water protocols to see what would work finest to measure paddlers VO2Max. As soon as that is finalized, among the first structured testing and research can be held on-water with standup paddlers and their VO2Max. 

Under is a chart of the normative knowledge for Vo2Max testing based mostly on age. So in case you do get examined sooner or later, you’ll be able to see the place you fall by this chart.

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