The 7 Best SUP Boards for Surfing

The 7 best SUP boards

In this article, we would like to tell you what the 7 best SUP boards for surfing are. Read Here which boards are recommended by the professional Sub Boards team!

Roc Explorer 10 ‘Inflatable SUP Board

The ROC Explorer provides an affordable & fun recreational sub board for rowers of all levels. More than most other feature, this board specializes in stability to offer a sub board that isn’t only easy to handle, but can also be used for activities. It’s equally very light, which makes it ideal for younger riders.

All-Round Sub Boarding Adventure

It’s incredibly stable with a 5-inch thick, 32-inch wide deck and a surf-friendly construction and frame that allow the board to turn quickly on turns. The hull has a double concave shape that results in buoyancy and speed as it descends along the line and parallel to the sides of the wave. Find more information here!

Isle Lotus SUP Boards

If you want to focus on the calmer aspects of the paddle board, Isle Lotus is the most economical paddle board to learn how to balance and distribute your weight while doing your morning yoga routine. Equipped with a large 32-inch-wide cushion, you have plenty of room to perfect your vinyasa as you glide over the sparkling morning water.

SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Along with the inflatable board, you get three bottom fins, a foldable paddle, a safety strap, and a hand pump, which all fit neatly into the included carrying case, meaning this portable option it is ideal to carry also friendly for travel. The SereneLife is also a good option for beginners.

10’8 “Bluefin Cruise SUP Board 

The 10’8″ Bluefin Cruise is best suited for sightseeing and is perfect for flat water surfaces and calm water rides. With enough stability for beginners and plenty of maneuverability, this board is perfect for everyone from beginners to advance

Liquid Shredder SUP Board for Surfing

Liquid Shredder uses a proprietary construction process with an EPS foam core reinforced with lightweight aluminum struts. This is to prevent it from bending or breaking in waves. The outer layer of vinyl appears to be bulletproof and the card guides (sides) are wrapped in a protective layer of PVC. It is one of the best SUP boards for surfing and has pretty good reviews. 

Surftech Catalyst SUP Boards

The peculiarity of this board is, it starts with some displacement hull designs before moving on to a planing hull design. By integrating the design aspects of both types of helmets, you get the ideal of both worlds – a world-class sub board that cuts flat water & waves without getting to slow you down!

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