6 stand up sub boarding health benefits

6 stand up sub boarding health benefits

Reduce Stress

Paddle boarding could be a great stress easer due to the calming nature of water all around you and its ability to shape the action around you. Also, falling-off the board can trigger a huge adrenaline hormone rush to ease feelings of stress. Also, just breathing brackish air & being alone in the water is enough to get rid of bad energy you have.


Balance on the SUP board makes active the little muscles in the feet and lower legs in such a way that is like physical therapy exercises that’s used to treat plantar fasciitis & other ailments. The idea of standing on a board having an element of instability out of the water uses muscles that are critical for joint support and balance.

Enhances Your Balance

Several activities & sports need good balance. SUP boarding will clearly improve your sense of balance if you do try to stand up straight while pedaling. For example, what footballer couldn’t enhance his game with great balance? You can often go down on the first outing, though if you do keep it up, your overall central balance will improve significantly.

Larger Muscles, Fewer Injuries

Useful for Injury Rehabilitation – Due to their low impact, paddle boards can be a useful tool for people in rehab to gently increase strength without causing damage. It is very gentle on the muscles and joints. After a day on the paddle board, it’s perfectly normal for you to feel a little sore.

Help you lose some weight

There is no doubt that everyone wants to lose weight quickly, though your answer is not a weeklong diet plan or a weight loss drugs. Instead, you should try rowing to achieve your weight loss aims.

Vitamin D

Stand up Paddle boarding keeps you in the sunlight and allows your skin to produce vitamin D, which is why several people are deficient from spending so much time indoors. The Vitamin D is essential for the production of calcium & strong bones, also for peak mental performance.